OK well, it’s been a year and a day since it is after midnight, but how lame am I that it’s been a year since I posted to this website???

I have been chatting about blogging with one of my new mommy friends and decided that it’s time to post SOMETHING to this site.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their daughter North West!!!

Yeah, you have seen that/heard that/read that/shared that/tweeted that for the last 24 hours – that pretty much sums up why I kind of lost interest in doing this blog.  That, and the last time I posted I was 30-something weeks pregnant, working on 3 radio stations, and exhausted all the time.  Oh, and I had just tried to re-negotiate a photo licensing deal and realized there is just no way that I could continue to post outrageously expensive celebrity photos without digging myself into serious debt.  For about 6 years I made a decent extra income off this website, for a time when I was unemployed it (and some help from babydaddy#1) kept me going, but when it got to the point where I was going to be paying to keep posting the pictures you can see on any other website I was like “forget it.”

I miss blogging though.  I miss writing, but I just don’t really think that spending several hours a day writing about celebrities is my thing anymore.  I am in a stable relationship with an awesome drama-free guy.  I joined a great mommy group, we have play dates and go to the pool.  I still do my radio show like I said.  I sell stuff on eBay and I actually enjoy it.  I like trying new recipes from Pinterest (who doesn’t?) and I just created a coupon group for my neighborhood.  Yes, I am at a totally different place in my life now.

My station in Tampa changed formats shortly after my last blog post, so I no longer work there… an example of how badly I have let this site go would be the box at the top that still has the Play 98.7 logo even though that little station-that-just-quite-couldn’t hasn’t existed in nearly a year.  I am lucky enough to still do a radio show from home, on my station in Sacramento, so I get to enjoy talking a little bit of trash and playing music that I love, but for now I am pretty much a SAHM.  OK, a WAHM, I do earn an income from the radio thing and eBay, so I can call myself a work-at-home-mom.

BTW, sorry if you are seeing the BIG BOOBIE BRA ads.  Seriously.  This is what happens when you neglect a website.  The code is a hot mess.  Pictures are missing.  Links are broken.  Ads are busted.  Ha, pun intended.  Maybe I still “got it!!”

Kyla is going to be in 4th grade.  She made Honor Roll AGAIN this year and she loves gymnastics and American Girl Dolls.  She’s with her daddy for the summer but I will see her in a few weeks when we go to Massachusetts to visit my family.  Rocco is 10 months old today, he was born on his due date, August 22.  He is a super-sweet, super happy, boobie-loving little guy.  Today we hosted our first play date with a mommy group in my community.  It is so odd to me that 10 years ago at this time I would have been out in Channelside getting absolutely obliterated, dancing to R.Kelly while pouring shots down people’s throats…. How life has changed…

I was just telling this mom friend of mine how I am nowhere near as exciting as I used to be… or maybe I just need to start drinking again?

So now I don’t know what the bleep to do with this blog… I want to start writing again, but not necessarily about celebrities all the time… Should I start from scratch?  But why do that when I have had this domain for 10 years now… Even if it’s not all celebrity dirt, everyone knows me as danasdirt so can’t I just do whatever I want with this site?  Plus, there will be dirt.  It may be dirt on some idiot lady on eBay who charged me $8.95 to ship a pair of Coach flip flops that only cost $3.23 to send First Class.  Or dirt on the annoying solicitors that ring my doorbell to sell me lawn care or a new windshield when Rocco is sleeping.  I certainly haven’t changed much when it comes to going off on people when they piss me off!!

What should I do?  I feel like I am also out of practice when it comes to writing since I just don’t do it very often anymore.  I spend entirely too much time on Facebook – especially the kid’s clothing buy/sell/trade groups, so maybe I should take up blogging again instead.

OK, I should probably go to bed…  but I will add that I still think we are being Punk’d with regard to baby North West.  Then again, everything that girl does is for publicity and shock value and this pretty much goes right in line with what she is all about!!!

The pic of my babies is from Easter.

I don’t even think the comments work on this piece anymore.  I would like to know if anyone is reading though, you can use the Facebook thing to comment I guess…