As a pregnant girl I know it is rough to find a bathing suit that looks good… Tori Spelling actually looks fabulous, especially since she’s popped out 3 kids and is carrying #4… but that monokini does not look good!!!

I think my main problem with it is the bottom doesn’t cover enough of her hoo-hah!

And while we’re on the subject of finding a good bathing suit while pregnant, I got a bikini at Old Navy last week that I really liked.  It actually didn’t make me look like the whale I feel like… not maternity size, just a size bigger than I usually wear…  my boyfriend said it looked good too… So I was pretty psyched.

I wore it ONCE, and our friend’s dog ate the bottom while we were staying with them at the beach over the weekend!!  And now I can’t find the bottom in my size online or in the store to replace it…

Anyway, what do you think of the monokini???