It’s just insane that our country has come to the point where a dipsh*t like Lindsay Lohan is invited to a White House Correspondents dinner… It is even more insane that she is still such a mess she missed her flight!!!

According to TMZ, Lindsay was out late last night (after being hours late to the Glee set) and just couldn’t make it to LAX in time for her 1pm flight this afternoon.  Her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley and George Clooney, who will also be attending the dinner, were there on time… Lilo is supposed to get on a later flight.

What could she possibly have to offer this country?  Kim Kardashian is going too… Maybe if they put their heads together they could really solve this country’s problems!

Or maybe if Americans got their heads out of their a**es and stopped believing everything they hear on Fox or CNN (depending on which side of the left-right farce you opt to believe in) things would get done or at least start to change… But anyway.