So this morning TMZ broke the story that DCFS has paid Octomom a visit after they got reports from a hairstylist that her kids appeared to be malnourished and living in squalor.  My first thought was “she’s on welfare, how does she have a hairdresser that makes HOUSE CALLS???”

Well, TMZ has pictures of the house and it’s NASTY!  There is only one working toilet and the kids are using toddler potties in their BEDROOMS, there is graffiti all over the walls, she used a door to lock kids in a room while she was getting her hair done, locked the kids outside to eat, and most of them are dirty and don’t have any pants on.

Well now TMZ has a picture of the check she wrote to the hairdresser… $520 for 2 blow outs and cuts!!!!

This woman has $520 to spend on hair cuts but she can’t get the toilets in her house fixed so her 14 children can have a pot to piss in… and she’s getting $2,000 in food stamps from the state of California???

Classic abuse of the system if I’ve ever seen it… She’s gonna end up losing those poor kids.  DCFS didn’t take them away yesterday but they are going to check up on her and make sure she cleans up her act!