As if the Jersey Shore cast didn’t have enough publicity surrounding them going to Italy – the Italians didn’t want them in the country causing trouble and drinking way too much – Snookie is in trouble.

As seen when driving to the shore house, Snookie is not the best driver – I am even better than she is and that’s tough
Well she hit a police car.  With Deena, her bff, in the car.

The upside to all of this is that there was no alcohol involved.  Good thing for Snookie because her last arrest was because she was too drunk on the beach inSeaside Hieghts.

Snookie managed to get her car wedged between a police car and a highway protection wall.  Deena had to climb out of a window to get out of the car.

No word on what is going on with Snookie, but she was taken with the police for her fabulous driving skills. 
This wasn’t a formal arrest – yet.

I cannot wait to see how this is shown this summer on MTV’s Jersey Shore!