This is the ONLY picture I will post – because in all of the other ones you can very clearly see this 17 year old’s boobs!  Thin white t-shirt, no bra, sunshine and camera flashes… and her mother was with her!  Shame on you Miley Cyrus – she knows she is being a pig!!  And so does her mother.

Then again, Tish Cyrus is the one who watches this happen and cheers her little girl on.  The Parents Television Council is outraged over the “Who Owns My Heart” video… it should be “Who Owns My Pants” and why won’t they give them back I’m only seventeen!!

And these people are SICK for taking pictures she is a minor right???  In most states anyway!!!

It gets worse!  Miley’s little sister Noah Cyrus was with her, wearing a padded teeny boober bra – at the age of 10 – all showing under a tank top!

Am I overreacting here?

Fame Pictures