Lady Gaga Finger


Lady Gaga flips us off, right back atcha bitch.

And here’s a question, why is she going through such an effort to hide her face when she can’t even cover her ASS at the airport?????  And apparently she had just gotten off a red eye flight at 6am… who wears THAT on a plane all night?  Seriously!!!

Tom Cruise picks his nose!!

Trying to be nonchalant, like its an itch that deep!

On the set!  Right next to Cameron Diaz!

Now we know where Suri picked up the bad habit!!  From Daddy!!  How cute was she back then… I mean she’s cute now, but those were some adorable pictures taken January of 2008.

Anyway, Tom Cruise and Cameron are working on a movie called Wichita in Boston right now.  There are like 2 or 3 movies being filmed there right now… I grew up right outside of Boston so I always get excited about Boston things… one of my friends said he saw Katie walking down Newbury Street the other day.  How fitting, as if she’d be shopping on any other street!

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Rumer Willis licks her boyfriend!!

Licking sweet earlobe

OK first of all, before I go any further, look how PRETTY Rumer Willis looks!!!   Nothing like a cute boy to make a girl get dolled up!

Is she looking for some Kelly Osbourne type PDA status?  She could get there… This is Rumer’s boyfriend Micah Alberti.

Photos: Flynet

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Ashlee & Bronx get coffee

Ashlee & Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Ashlee Simpson took her little boy Bronx out for coffee… he’s getting so big!

Kardashian Odom Wedding Pictures

A classy wedding guest

Look at this class act!

Check out more pictures of the guests arriving… Random that Alan Thicke, as in the dad from Growing Pains, is there!  What’s the connection?  Bunch of Lakers players, Kobe and his gorgeous wife, Seacrest, Kelly Osbourne, and other celebrities who had nothing better to do this weekend!

Click here to see the beautiful bride, she has a nasty look on her face!!

Kardashiodom Rehearsal Dinner Pics!

Lamar Odom Taking A Break From His Rehearsal Dinner

Kardashiodom… I don’t know, what the hell else are we going to call them – for the 3 or less months it lasts – what are the Vegas odds on this?  Are the people at E! allowed to place bets??  Seriously.  I’m surprised they didn’t have Ryan Seacrest marry them – he is frigging God after all.

Anyway, here are pictures from the rehearsal dinner the other night… Lamar Odom, a true class act, wears jeans!!  At least he’s wearing a fancy belt buckle… to tuck in his tee-shirt!!!

Kim shows off her ass, Kortney SHAMELESSLY shows off her bump.  Not to say that a woman should have shame while with child, however, when you see these pictures you will know what I mean… The younger Jenner girls look totally bitchy – shocking… Khloe looks at the paparazzi like she is so totally pissed off that they are paying attention to HER private wedding rehearsal dinner… as if!

This whole thing is such a sham, I mean who lost the bet?

Jen & Vi splash in puddles!

I can't lift my kid like that, oh my back!!

Total mommy and kid cuteness!  Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck splashing in the puddles in Boston – in their adorable rain boots!!!  I love rain boots!!  I have my VS Pink ones, I am sure I will get to wear them soon…

Photos: Fame Pictures

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Paris’s huge boobs & huge tool!

Paris checks out her boobies

Look at her hooters!!

She is, haha!

Paris Hilton has bragged before about loving her small chest and now she’s got some poppers… I wonder if it’s just a ridiculous bra or is she wearing FALSIES???  And the tool… her boyfriend of course.

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