Biological father of MJ’s kids??

Arnold Klein, MJ's doctor is biological father of his kids...

US Weekly is revealing that Dr. Arnold Klien, Michael’s dermatologist and Debbie Rowe’s former boss, is the biological father of Michael Jackson’s two older children Prince Michael I and Paris.

Click here for the article and more pictures…

What do you think???  I think there’s no denying it now… That boy looks like that dude!

As for earlier reports that Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother, her attorney released a statement that she IS the biological mother of the children.  Whether or not she is going to try to get custody remains to be seen…

I just don’t want to see them end up with Grandpa Joe Jackson, he will probably try to whip them into the Jackson Trio  and start making them sing, dance, and moonwalk!!

PODCAST Tuesday June 30

More on Michael Jackson, when does it end? Lisa Marie & Liza Minnelli talk about his self-destructive behavior and more…

Mariah dresses like a boy.

Bradley Cooper says she’s just a friend, oh baby youuuuuuu… got what I neeeeeeeed…

All that & much more in today’s podcast!

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Michael Jackson’s Autopsy Photo?

This photo is on the cover of OK Magazine – but they’re calling it a “Tribute” issue…

Click here to see it – some are calling it an “autopsy” photo, but it appears to be Michael in the ambulance as they are trying to revive him.  It’s pretty disturbing, I don’t want to just post it but you won’t be able to escape it when you go to the grocery store…


Rick Astley dead?

At least… I don’t think so.  As in I REALLY don’t think so.

I’m on Twitter for a while tonight and all of a sudden I start seeing “Rick Astley Found” in the trending topics… so I click, and it’s all these posts saying he was found dead in a Berlin Hotel Room… but when you click the links, it goes to some goof page with Rick Astley videos… and they call it being “Rick Rolled”.  You may have heard of it, apparently it’s some big web craze.  Not into it.

So that’s the scoop so far… by the time I wake up in the morning it could be a different story!

Oh jeez… well here is another “source” that claims to be the AP saying he’s dead… but it doesn’t seem legit at all!!

Twins & The City :)

Sarah Jessica Parker & family

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick just released this photo of their son James Wilkie and his new baby sisters – twins Marion Loretta Elwell & Tabitha Hodge.  Why does one get 3 names and the other just 2?

Elwell and Hodge are names on Sarah’s side of the family, so cool… but what’s up with the old names?  And Tabitha reminds me of a cat name… not a baby born in 2009!

They are perfect little babies though, so adorable!

Now lets hope the girls do their job and save mommy & daddy’s rocky marriage!

Tori & Dean plus 2

Tori & Dean plus 2

Tori Spellings little girl Stella is SO cute!!  She’s one of the cutest celebrity babies… Should be interesting to see if she continues to grow up looking just like her daddy.  Liam’s cute too… but the little girl is just precious!

Cute family!Really, she looks just like daddy!Luckily NOT like mommy :(

Lady Gaga’s a buttonhead

Lady Gaga's button hair

She is such a freak.  This is just bizarre and creepy.  She’s such a cartoon character.  I do like her songs, but why does she have to be so freaking annoying with the hair pieces.  That thing must have been a bitch to attach and it’s gotta be heavy.  She is weird.  Or just hiding her poker face.

So do we call this a hat or a wig?  Or a hig?  Or a wat?

How can she friggin SEE???So obviously a hat, does she have these specially made?

Last photos of Michael Jackson

That's a great one.

These are some of the last pictures of Michael Jackson – apparently taken at his rehearsal on June 23 by a photographer who has taken pictures of him since the Victory tour in the 80’s.  He says Michael was BACK and ready for the upcoming shows… Looks like the same ol’ Michael.

The one in the wheelchair is fairly recent as well… not a pretty sight.

There’s also word coming out that even close friends didn’t think the 50 concerts were ever going to happen – I kind of feel bad now because I kept saying I didn’t think it would ever happen… he’s pulled out of so many things over the last several years.  He just wasn’t the same guy anymore…  Based on these pictures it looks like he was having fun, but we’ll never know what was really going on.  He apparently got a $40 million advance for agreeing to do the shows!  What a mess, and I feel bad for all the people who paid out the ass for tickets and reservations to travel to London and now there’s going to be a big insurance issue when it comes to getting their cash back.

I don’t know how to feel about the whole thing… I’ve seen pictures of him with friends and his children, and his family is so distraught, but in the back of my mind is the “what’s wrong with sharing your bed?”

Acha-hoo!Michael Jackson's final rehearsalI really want a crotch grabberRecent... within the last few months.  Not good.

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