Alyssa Milano at book signing

Alyssa Milano's new book

Alyssa Milano signing copies of her new book “Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic” at a Border’s.  She’s so cute, and has also been designing girly team logo gear for the MLB for years… her stuff is great!  So Samantha Micelli of her!

Madonna wearing Malawi Love t-shirt!

Madonna & David Banda at Kabbalah school in Malawi

Madonna & David Banda at a Kabbalah school in Malawi.  She’s getting ready to adopt a 4 year old little girl named Mercy James.  She claims she isn’t getting any special treatment or using her celebrity status to speed up the process.

She looks YOUNG, and check out the MALAWI LOVE t-shirt, gotta get a kick out of that!!

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J-Lo, Marc, and a baby.

J-Lo & Marc posing with baby, it's not theirs

J-Lo & Marc Anthony went out to dinner last night without the twins… but as they were leaving the restaurant they were bombarded by fans, one in particular who begged them to hold his baby and pose for a picture… so they did it.  Aren’t they sweet?  They look happier than they did a few months ago when we saw pictures of him scolding her!

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Matthew & Levi so cute!!

Matt & Levi shopping

Matthew & his son Levi out shopping, how freaking CUTE!!

Thanks to Amy for sending these to me, I LOVE seeing McConaughottie being a super dad!

Lindsay & Ali shopping

Lindsay & Ali shopping

What’s with Ali Lohan wearing a Samantha Ronson hat and where did her hair go?  A miserable looking Lindsay shops with her now better looking sister on Melrose on Saturday.

Britney looks CUTE in LA!

Britney Spears in LA

Britney Spears out in LA on Sunday, she looks cute!  I like her top  & shoes… Check the podcast to find out what is going on with her and her dad… more legal drama!

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PODCAST: Tuesday March 31

What is Pamela Anderson designing… Mariah Carey’s anniversary present, and plans for a second wedding… Paris Hilton’s knight in shining armor… Is Kim Kardashian having a wedding gown designed??


We had a BLAST at Disney yesterday, pics coming soon… Right now the nugget is begging to go swimming, so I’m going to set up the laptop on the patio and get her settled and then update… check back soon!!

PODCAST: Monday March 30

Celebrity Adoption Watch Update… Guess who my daughter is all into now, UGH… Perez Hilton’s birthday serenade… Lindsay Lohan & Lilly Allen getting together?

All that and more in today’s Podcast!

I’ll be away all day, so there won’t be any other updates… but check out this dirt report and come back tonight… We’re taking Kyla to Animal Kingdom for her 5th birthday!!!