Tokyo & Doug Reinhardt LOVE Paris!

Pink shoes, love them!

She has reached a new low dating the starf*ckerimage

That’s a quote from someone on the JJB board where I found the pictures… Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Paris Hilton is in Tokyo to promote whatever it is she’s promoting this week, with her new boy toy Doug Reinhardt.  He has fast become the dirtiest boy in Hollywood.

It’s bizarre to me how much the girls in Tokyo WORSHIP Paris – aren’t they supposed to be MORE educated than our youth who have figured out she’s a skank??

Sippin' a beer...

I wonder if this picture of President Obama drinking a beer last night is going to send anyone into a frenzy… What if something happened and he’s had a beer???  What if he has low tolerance and those few sips will send him into a buzzerrific stupor??

I think it’s adorable, and important for him to just be normal.  Apparently his approval rating has dropped, but whatever – the guy’s only been in office for a month and he’s signed a ton of bills and at least gotten the ball rolling… Better than the last people who just kind of acted like nothing was wrong, oh except for the evil-doers.  Ugh.

Anyway, el presidente went to the Washington Wizards vs. Chicago Bulls game last night at the Verizon Center in DC… I don’t even know who won, nor do I care.

Jen & Owen together in Rome!

Jen & Owen promote Marley & Me in Rome

Duh they’re not together together, but they’re promoting Marley & Me in Rome.

He’s basically living with Kate Hudson I guess, but they’re trying to keep that on the DL.

I’m now following Luke Wilson, Ashton Kutcher, Diddy, Kanye, and some other celebrities on Twitter – but I can’t figure out if they’re legit.

Follow me and find them on my Following list!

If you haven’t signed up for Twitter, it’s easy and super fun.  All the bloggers are on there, TMZ, radio stations, and more and everyone constantly updates anytime they have something cool to show.  It’s super fun, you’ll see.  SUPER FUN!

Rihanna & Chris Brown BACK TOGETHER!!

rihanna & chris brown kissing at kfc in miami

YES!  It is apparently TRUE!

Unless People is doing a nosedive and printing this for the sole purpse of getting hits, Rihanna and Chris Brown are spending time together at one of P.Diddy’s houses on Miami Beach.

They’ve learned this exclusively.

Uh… I don’t even know what to say.  Whitney Houston warned her!!

The incident happened on February 7th, she’s probably still got bruises, it’s been less than 3 weeks!

That picture is old, from when they first did some PDA at a KFC in Miami.

Ed McMahon is very, very sick.


Ed McMahon is in ICU with pneumonia and cancer… We were just talking about him the other day and how sad it is that someone who had such a respectable and great career ended up doing these commercials.

I always liked him on Star Search!  Any video nuts out there should start working on the montage of him talking to all the celebs that made it famous from that show!

VLOG: The Florida Place


This vlog is long and boring, just telling you up front.  It’s just me walking around the new place in FL a few weeks ago… right after we got here.

Sasha is now set up in her big cage with the little one on the patio, we still have to get some furniture but we’ve been slightly victimized by the rough economy – haven’t we all – so we’ll be getting some stuff soon…  Probably off Craigslist!  My office is set up but I want to clear a space to do my vlogs so I can look at the camera sometimes – gotta get my hair fixed first… It is root-tastic right now, one of the things I’ve “let go”, being a victim of the rough economy and all.  But I’m actually happier and more motivated now than I was when I had a job… take that however you want, I’m just being honest.

I am going to do another one in the next few days, right now I am DREADING a trip to the laundromat so bad it is making me feel ill!!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!  I know for a while the comment section didn’t work, but it does now… I have thousands of readers every day and very few comments.  Do I just not strike enough nerves to get some sass either way?

Does Rihanna look sad???

Rihanna out of hiding

Rihanna was photographed “out of hiding” and on the beach… And everyone looking at these pictures is like “does she still look sad?” and there was even question as to whether or not she would still be “down” over it…

UM, ya THINK she still feels like CRAP??  Even if she was walking around smiling as if nothing was wrong – you don’t get past something like this quickly.  She was on top of the world, happy, healthy, working, seemed to have a good time with Chris… and then all of a sudden she’s beaten up… I would have to say her mind is probably going to be in DISTURBIA for a LONG time…

But that’s just my opinion.

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Britney with the kids, and a wedgie!

Britney & the kids

Britney Spears spent some quality time with her kids the other day, at her home in Calabassas… Then she picked her wedgie, wouldn’t be a collection of Brit photos without something icky going on!

All eyes on me in the center of the yard while I pick my wedgie…