We are moving next weekend… back to Florida for a bit…It’s temporary, don’t get too excited for me… My boyfriend is doing some work down there and since I am still unemployed we thought it would be best to just to get a short-term place down there… and Kyla will be celebrating birthday number FIVE in Disney World in a few months :)

We have a massive amount of stuff to do this week, you know, packing and whatnot, so I’m just going to have to use this as yet another excuse not to update this website of mine…

Of course you can find me on Facebook in the meantime… I’ll be taking lots of pictures and video of our ride down the east coast… and if you want to add me as a friend add “Dana M”, I don’t use the other account that’s on my fan page.

Little Violet goes to school

Vi in her little red shoes!

Jen taking Violet to school. Too cute. She’s just a happy little girl!

Photos: Splash News Online

Beyonce sings for the Obamas


This was probably the favorite moment of the night… Beyonce singing “At Last” at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball while President Obama and the First Lady danced.

I read a bunch of comments that said Beyonce & Michelle should have traded dresses… I don’t think so.  I think she looked amazing!!!

Here’s the video, although I can’t promise it is going to actually show up…


Here’s the link if the video doesn’t work, sometimes they don’t embed.

Photos: Reuters

Kingston Rossdale is too cute!

Kingston Rossdale

Little Kingston Rossdale at the park with his nanny.

Photos: Splash News Online

Inauguration Red Carpet Madness

Heather Graham with a duck

Tons of pictures from different inaugural balls and events last night and the night before.  I am getting pictures as fast as I can… I really don’t get why a lot of people chose to look nice and then let their boobs hang out.

Billy Bob & Tea Leoni, and Manure.

Tea & Billy Bob

Tea Leoni and Billy Bob are an item, they’ve been working on a movie called “Manure”…

Apparently they’ve been hooking up for a while – how can she go from David Duchovny to THAT??  I mean, EW!!!  Billy Bob, yuck.  David Duchovny is much hotter – sex addiction and all.

Photos: Splash News Online

Alyson Hannigan is VERY pregnant!

Alyson Hannigan is very pregnant

This one time, at lamaze class…

Give Bush the Boot…

Give Bush the boot!

This is set up somewhere near the inauguration festivities in DC.  Super fun.