Vanessa Hudgens

Some more nasty naughty pictures of Vanessa Hudgens have “leaked” to the internet!! 

Apparently Vanessa has a thing for making crass and dirty gestures at the camera… and there are even a few pictures of her and a friend bending over in skirts… yes, now in addition to the Vanessa Hudgens naked pictures we now have Vanessa Hudgens crotch shots!! 

I’m  just wondering… in that gross picture of her and a friend bending over, are they farting at the camera?  Or what is going on there?  What would make them do that?  Was it another girl friend taking the picture?  Or were they really whoring it up and doing it for a dude or two?  Or did they set the timer and do it alone?  GROSS!!!

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Vanessa HudgensVanessa HudgensVanessa HudgensVanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens crotch shot