Gwen Stefani and her son Kingston on the beach… Look at her abs!!!


Lindsay Lohan wants free water…


How funny is this, now that she’s sober, Lindsay Lohan has her agent on the phone soliciting water companies to get her a sponsorship!!!  Lindsay wants to endorse Evian (or some other kind of water) and her rep called them the other day asking for a shipment…

I guess she’s gotta profit somehow from sobriety.  Skyy Vodka (I think) was going to sponsor her birthday party so why not have a water company sponsor her sobriety??

 The new drug and alcohol free Lindsay Lohan, brought to you by Evian!

From Female First


Lindsay Lohan leaving an AA meeting in Brentwood last week… in lingerie??  Seriously, doesn’t that dress kind of look like a silk nightie???


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Sienna Miller is a mess!


Sienna Miller has a number of problems, and I’m not talking about the fact that she’s hooking up with freaking P. Diddy… First of all, what in the name of all that is good and holy are those strappy boot things she’s wearing???  They actually look like socks with belts wrapped around them!!!  And why is she wearing a loose shirt like that with just a bra underneath??  She’s a mess…


Reese Witherspoon shows her bum!!


Reese Witherspoon was either picking her wedgie or scratching her ass in Hawaii the other day.  I feel kind of bad and mean posting these pictures of an embarassing little moment for Reese because she’s so damn sweet!!! 


Sarah Michelle & Freddie at Hairspray


Sarah Michelle Gellar & her hot husband Freddie Prinze Jr. at the Hairspray premiere in London last week.  They are just the cutest!!!  I love how his tie matches her dress… she kind of looks like she has to go potty in those bottom two pictures with her legs crossed… peepee dance??


Keira Knightley shopping…


Keira Knightley returns home after shopping in London.  She looks really pretty!!


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Hilary Swank in a bikini


Hilary Swank and her agent/boyfriend John Campisi relax by the pool at the Hotel Regina in Italy… She looks like she has a little sunburn on her legs!!   


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