Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!


Facebook is 10 years old today.

So here are 10 things I never want to see you post on Facebook ever again:

1. Your naked children.  Boys or girls, 1 or 8, most people on Facebook do not want to see your children naked – or even in their underwear.  I know you think what they are doing is cute, and it probably is since you are their parents, but those pictures just don’t need to be shared with everyone on your friends list.  They just don’t.

2. Your child’s poopie in the potty or puke all over the floor.  Shit happens.  And when it happens in the potty for the first time it is extremely exciting.  Worthy of celebration.  In fact I even celebrate every time Rocco sits on  his little potty and reads a book even though he has yet to actually do anything on that potty.  He does it in his diaper 5 minutes later but that is irrelevant.  Nobody wants to see your kid’s poopie.  We also don’t want to see their puke.  You can tell us the kid blew chunks but please spare us the sight of the actual vomit.

3. Pictures and videos of dead/abused animals.  I eat chicken.  I eat a lot of chicken.  I try to buy chicken that was not abused now that I have read about what happens to animals, but seeing the dead carcasses just makes me want to block it out.  And it’s gross.  There are just some things that are too graphic for Facebook.  I see plenty of graphic pictures of things that make me angry but I just don’t post them.  Please stop with the bloody animals.

4. Pictures and videos of abused children.  You know what, I know child abuse exists.  We all know this.  If I see or hear about a child in danger I will call the authorities.  I think most of us with a good conscience would do what we could to prevent a child from being harmed.  I do not need you to share the latest story of a mother murdering her baby or a video of a child being beaten to know that this type of atrocity exists.  I just don’t want to see it.  Sharing it does not do anything for that child but it does give attention to the perpetrators.  It also causes other people who are just going about their day to be overcome with a feeling of disgust and sadness.  Spare us, don’t share it.

5. Your relationship drama.  Been there done that.  I put a lot of my relationship and other drama on Facebook in the past.  It only served to make me look crazy and it made me look like a real fool when I got back together with the person once I told everyone what a douche he was.  I will occasionally comment on my personal experience in a private group, but bashing your significant other, or your ex-for-now, or the other parent if you share a child, is just bad.  Also, if you are constantly moving from one relationship to the next… We just don’t need to know.  We also don’t need to CONSTANTLY see how fantastic and wonderful your significant other is, especially when we know that behind the scenes it is a different story.  Don’t be someone else’s “Days of Our Facebook Lives” source of entertainment.

6. Ambiguous posts.  “I can’t say why or where or how right now but I really need all the prayers I can get” posts just make people wonder.  Yes they’ll hope everything is OK and pray for you if they pray, but then you leave them thinking “what the hell is going on?” and possibly thinking the worst and that’s just irritating and rude!  If you can’t reveal the information to EVERYONE ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST then text someone you trust and spill it instead of leaving everyone wondering and worrying.

7. Bodily fluids, cuts, rashes, or anything you need Doctor Facebook to diagnose.  Kyla has a pretty gross boo-boo on her knee (she fell off her bike) and I am a little concerned about how it is healing… will be taking her to the doctor soon if it doesn’t look better… But I will not post a picture of it on Facebook because it’s gross!  Boogers, blood, busted finger nails, broken bones, if it needs medical attention ask for a nurse to PM you.  Before you post a picture like this on Facebook your thought should be: Would I want to see this while I was eating?  Because chances are someone who will see it just sat down to eat!

8. More than 25% of your posts solely to promote your business.  I have used Facebook to promote radio shows, my website, and things I am selling on eBay/Facebook but unless you are running a business page please try to limit the amount of posts you make about your business.  Half my friends are doing the same thing, and some of them are selling the same thing you are, and I like seeing your personal posts but there are just some products I am never going to buy no matter how many times they show up in my news feed.  There is nothing wrong with social networking but I like the “social” part of Facebook a lot more than the “networking” part when it comes to ads for things I see over and over and over and over again.

9. Game and app invites.  I know sometimes this happens automatically when you sign up but I have no desire to play any of these games or use any Facebook apps.  I choose to waste my time on Facebook debating things or going through random people’s pictures, I don’t play games.

10. Racist or homophobic sentiments.  You are entitled to your opinion.  You are entitled to your religion.  But it is 2014 and anyone who still believes in racial inequality or inequality based on which gender one happens to be attracted to needs to shut up.  There are plenty of issues with two or more legitimate sides to debate, but only fellow ignorant people want to hear about your bigoted beliefs.  You are never going to convince people to stop believing in human equality.


10 Things to Keep Right On Posting…

1. Cute pictures of your kids, you, the fun stuff you are doing, as long as everyone is fully clothed and not covered in yucky bodily fluids.  I like looking at pictures of happy people.

2. Informational articles.  I know some people don’t want to read stuff about GMOs, vaccines, government waste, the environment, Fukishima, and other important matters but if I can say one positive thing about my experience using Facebook it is that I have LEARNED a lot.  Whether you agree with my opinions on certain topics or not, it is through the sharing of information on Facebook that has led me to investigate and “self-educate” with regard to parenting, government, health, my overall view of the world, and even less important things like the other side of the Woody Allen-Mia Farrow molestation debate.  It’s great how you can post something and someone else can give you a different side of the story and then you can decide for yourself which one makes more sense.  So if it is informative, well written, researched, and seemingly legitimate, keep sharing it.

3. Your accomplishments.  I like reading about people I care about getting promotions, graduating, or losing weight.  I also love hearing about kids making honor roll or seeing pictures of their dance recitals.  Keep posting that stuff.  The only exception to this would be constantly telling us that you went to the gym/worked out.  Not to hate, but it makes me feel lazy.

4. Those someecards things.  They are funny.  Some of them are funnier than others but usually they are pretty good.

5. Pictures of the snow and ice.  I live in Florida.  My back slider is open so the fresh 76 degree air can breeze through the house.  Sometimes I get a little homesick and wish I still lived up north and those miserable pictures remind me of why I love living here.

6. Truth.  Whatever it is you believe to be true, and important, keep posting it respectfully.  You never know when you might change someone’s mind for the better.

7. Tributes/posts to the dead.  I know some people might think it is cheesy, but I think after 10 years of Facebook we probably all have a friend or two who has passed.  In those initial moments of shock and sadness the Facebook page is a way for all of the loved ones to come together in mourning and share information.  I have even re-connected with people after seeing that a mutual friend has passed away.  Nobody wants to see the sad news on Facebook but at the same time, what is the other option these days?  Unless it is a close family member you may not even know until years later if you hadn’t keep in touch this way.  I occasionally look at the pages of my friends who have passed and read the recent comments or look at old pictures.  It’s like visiting a grave only not as depressing.  Nothing wrong with remembering someone you loved and keeping them alive on Facebook forever.

8. Pictures of your life tricks and home improvement projects.  I like to see crafty stuff or get new ideas.  Not that I have the money, time, or motivation to put most of them into action but we got the idea to put a laundry basket in the bath tub from a Facebook post and it worked well for us for a bit.  I also got some inspiration for Rocco’s room from someone else’s pictures on Facebook.

9. GOOD NEWS.  Feel good stories, whatever they may be, are much needed to offset all of the horrifying stuff people insist on posting as mentioned in list above.

10.  Pictures of your yummy food and drink – but only if you have the recipe.  I know this is one of the things people make fun of others for doing on Facebook, but I actually like seeing pictures of other people’s food!  I only want to see it if I can get the recipe though.  I’ve seen lots of food pictures on Facebook that have led to me getting the recipe and eating something new.  I don’t need to see a picture of your Cheerios but if you just made something healthy and tasty (or just tasty) I might want to try it!




Fame Pictures/2010

Look at that sweet kid!

This whole Justin Bieber thing is just really sad.  All jokes and making fun of him aside, the kid has a great story but he’s been completely corrupted by fame!

I totally loved his Never Say Never movie.  It was uplifting and dare I even say inspiring… kid coming from a not-so-good situation to getting discovered on YouTube and then having everything handed to him on a silver platter… But as with all of these kids they get corrupted by the adults around them.

I guess now that I have a 9yo and a 1yo I look at this stuff a little different than I did 10 years ago when I started this blog – yes it has been TEN YEARS!

Justin Bieber is only 19 years old which means he’s only been a legal adult for a year, and he isn’t even of legal drinking age in the US (I know he’s from Canada where he can drink to his heart’s content but he spends a lot of time here so you get my drift..)

Anyway, I guess my point is WHO ARE THE ADULTS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING OUT FOR HIS BEST INTERESTS LONG-TERM???  Who has not only been buying him alcohol but getting him into this sizzurp crap and Xanax?  I know teenagers are going to do what they do but you would think people in his life would be taking care of him and keeping him on a good path instead of letting him hang out with the thugs and trash that got him into this stuff!!  Thankfully Britney Spears has straightened out and grown up… more than we can say for Lindsay Lohan… but Justin Bieber is about to be the next star to fall…

How freaking dumb do you have to be to have a house full of drugs and other illegal stuff that is going to incriminate you with the law and with the public if you get caught but you go egging your neighbor’s house like a 14 year old punk… Even with bazillions of dollars that is still the only thing a teenage boy wants to do?  So now his house has been searched in full Hollywood raid style and now he’s going to act even more crazy and angry… It’s all just so stupid!!

Or maybe not, because the lead detective on the egging case (yes, when you are rich, your house being egged, especially by a celebrity, is worthy of a full investigation and SWAT Team raid), anyway the lead detective told the NY Daily News that they weren’t there looking for drugs they were there to get his surveillance equipment so they could catch him egging his neighbor’s house on tape.

Yes, they were raiding his house to see if there is any video of him egging his neighbor’s house on his own equipment… Anyone not high on weed and drunk on sizzurp would have had the smarts to at least shut off his security system so as not to catch himself in the act, right?

So anyway there is apparently a big bong, cookie jars full of weed, empty codeine and Fanta bottles, and plenty of evidence that he’s smoking weed and mixing prescription drugs but the police weren’t there for that so he’s not going to be in trouble for it.

They did, however, arrest his friend Lil Za because he had drugs in his room and admitted they were his so it “was right in our face.”  He had MDMA, weed, and a prescription drug that he did not have a prescription for (because nobody who actually has a prescription for the drug abuses it of course).

Not that I am for or against weed or sizzurp, but does anyone know anyone who could have the police at their house to investigate something so petty as an egging and the cops find a “treasure trove” of drug paraphernalia and they don’t get in any kind of trouble for it???  WHAT?????????

So anyway, Justin could be charged with vandalism for doing $20,000 worth of damage to his neighbor’s stucco and imported wood exterior.  His friend is facing felony drug possession charges and ended up smashing the wall of his cell so he’s gonna be charged with vandalism too.

What does Justin have to say about all of this?  Well it just so happens that 5 minutes ago he posted this on Twitter:

Screenshot 2014-01-20 14.58.04

Because it’s awesome to use a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote on MLK day to sum up the state of your ridiculously misguided life.

Yeah Got My Website Back!

So I bet you thought I just fell off the bloggin-wagon but my website was actually being funky and I couldn’t log in to edit it but it is now fixed.  So here I am.

But I have to do a bunch of stuff and am not really sure what to write about right now…

So I will be back.



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Resolutions Smezolutions


Do you  make New Year’s Resolutions?  I would say I kinda do, but I never keep them.  If I had kept them, I’d be in tip top shape with no sugar/carb addiction and a super clean organized house.

This year though, I don’t really have a choice but to find a new job, so that is going to be my resolution.  I’d also like to start doing some form of exercise again, and work on the sugar binging, but the main focus is to find a job.  Finding a job can be stressful, so trying to do it without a bowl of ice cream would just be too much.

It isn’t that I don’t like being home with Rocco, I just don’t think I am completely cut out to be a stay at home mom.. I am bored even though I never seem to have enough time to get things done.  I tried selling clothes for other people, I talked to some women who do it and make a decent extra income at it, but the amount of time it takes and the clothes all over the place… Not going to make me happy, or make me enough money, long term.  I have been doing a lot of eBay too, but again, that just means crap all over the house and it isn’t a solid income.

I thought about making a career change.. going to school for something like nutrition, or being a lactation consultant since I think breastfeeding is the single best thing you can do for your baby, but the thought of starting fresh at 36 when I already have a passion I am good at just doesn’t seem right at this point.  I have other interests and other things I probably could be good at, but radio is what I really love to do… The suck thing is that I do not want to move again but I think I’m starting to open my mind to the idea a little bit.

That sweet picture is me when I was 13.

I finished up my demo today… so wish me luck.

On that note, Rocco just woke up!

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Notice the bottom half of the tree doesn’t have any ornaments on it…

I really wish I had asked for a cleaning service for Christmas!

I just had to do a little bit of work (I am still on the radio part time) and I am not looking forward to venturing downstairs to clean up!  Dishes in the sink, new stuff in bags and boxes in every room, wrapping paper all over, Christmas decorations need to be put away, laundry needs to be done… The list goes on.  Rocco went to child care for a little while but he will be home soon.  He LOVES his new toys, so I’m glad I’m home to play with him but all I keep thinking about is how much cleaning has to be done!!

How was your Christmas?  I will be completely honest, I was a little bah humbug this year, not having a job makes it a little tougher to spend a bunch of money on stuff nobody needs.. but somehow we did it.  Kyla got 2 American Girl dolls, a bunch of stuff from Justice (thanks to her dad who pays that credit card!!), a really nice art set and some American Girl books from family, among other things… And Rocco got a big Go Go Smart Wheels train set, a toddler arm chair, a ball pit, Crocs, Toms, a wagon, and a bunch of other fun toys.  He loves the ball pit, he had a blast playing in it last night.  And he loves his chair -


So of course it wouldn’t have been Christmas without some Facebook controversy.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed tons of “Santa was here” pictures posted on Christmas Eve… and some people had INSANE amounts of gifts under the tree… I mean floor to ceiling, spilling over into other rooms, crazy amounts of gifts… And then there were the people like me who spent a small fortune (though not as much as in the past) and felt like it didn’t look like much so I didn’t even bother taking a picture… The people who made for Facebook drama ON CHRISTMAS were the ones blasting people for posting those pictures!!  “OVERKILL – This takes away from the true meaning of Christmas” and “Why do people need to brag about how much they spoil their kids?” and one person even said, “That picture is a slap in the face to me since I am a single mom and couldn’t afford more than a few gifts for my kids.”

Um, why do people have to rain on the Christmas parades of others?  I couldn’t believe there was criticism like that on Christmas!!  I know I can be the first person to come up with a snide comment or call it like I see it when people are being ridiculous on Facebook, but as long as the toys under the tree weren’t stolen and they weren’t sacrificing a month’s worth of meals for their children to buy a dollhouse – WHO CARES?  I know a lot of people are struggling but I guarantee not one person who posted a picture of the loot under the tree was doing so with malicious intent!

ANYWAY, Kyla left for Christmas part 2 with her dad last night.  Her flight was at 7:05.  It was weird driving to the airport on Christmas night and passing Starbucks,  McDonald’s, Walgreens, all closed.  The airport wasn’t very busy either, we didn’t even have to wait in line at security.  I was so ready to just relax after we got home from Rick’s parents house… I was STUFFED… but Kyla was pumped to see her dad and have a “late night Christmas party”, and I’m sure the airport is probably busy and bustling today so I’m glad we went last night.


Kelly Osbourne was the subject of a Christmas Day Twitter lashing after she announced that her family tradition is to put messages in balloons and let them go… Whoever finds one “gets a prize” she said.  Too bad they will probably end up in the woods or the ocean or the stomach of an animal.  And that is exactly what people on Twitter blasted her for.  Don’t people know better by now?

Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson did some last minute Christmas shopping at a Toys R Us in Florida… wearing a shirt with the word “F**KING” on it.  At least he wore it on the day the store was least likely to be packed with kids!!

Justin Bieber said he is “officially retiring” on Twitter on Christmas Eve, but it’s not true.  I thought maybe he meant he was “officially retiring” for the night, like going to bed, but apparently he is retiring for a little while.  Either way… WHO CARES?

Miley Cyrus apparently received some penis gummies in her stocking.  She Tweeted a picture of the penis gummies and a quote from her grandmother – “I’ve never heard of such a thing”.  They really are a weird family.  I guess penis gummies are nothing compared to her new video - in which she is basically masturbating – but even some of the dirtiest people still try to maintain some form of modesty when it comes to their GRANDMOTHERS.  Not Miley.  Here Granny, Merry Christmas, eat a dick!

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Bruce Jenner

This is one of those flabbergasting stories that makes me long for the days when I was on the radio…

Bruce Jenner has obviously had work done on every orifice of his face, so now he’s moving slightly south of that perfectly sculpted chin -


Specifically, his ADAM’S APPLE.

Yes, because Bruce Jenner doesn’t look enough like a chick – he’s getting his Adam’s apple flattened.

This procedure is actually most commonly done as one of the first steps towards gender reassignment but BJ says he isn’t going for that – according to TMZ, he just doesn’t like his trachea.

In other far less interesting Kardashian news, Khloe and Lamar are getting a divorce.

She cited “irreconcilable differences” in paperwork filed today.

In other words, “he is a crackhead and I don’t do crack.”


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Rocco Blew Chunks!


I just love the smell of fresh baby puke first thing in the morning!

Seriously, the first thing I heard this morning was, “Rocco barfed!”

Of course I’m thinking a little bit of baby spit up even though that never happens anymore (he’s 15 months) but Kyla said “no, mom, like he BARFED everywhere.”

Yeah, he did and OH EM GEE IT STUNK.

It was everywhere.

And it was chunky.

It actually didn’t even look all that disgusting because it was mostly undigested carrots, chicken, pasta, and a few strawberries.  It was on the crib rail, all over the sheets, in his hair, on his stuffed monkeys, on the rug, I have no idea how that much food was even inside his little belly but there it was.  If not for the stench it would have been just like picking up spilled food but like I said, it REEKED.

So I’m standing there in that moment of “where do I even start cleaning this mess up?” at the same time panicking because Kyla has to be at school in 20 minutes and not only do I not have time to get it all cleaned up before we have to leave but then I’m thinking what if he hurls again and then I have a puke-mess all over my car too??

Just as I was thinking I should call Rick and see if he can come get Kyla to drop her off at school Rocco starts putting his hands in the puke so I picked him up… Straight to the tub… and as I carried him chunks were falling off him… He smeared chunks all over the toilet bowl lid and I had to get Kyla to bring me the wipes to clean it off.

Meanwhile, he is acting like nothing is wrong.  He actually tried to dive into the tub like he usually does because he loves the bath.  Meanwhile all I am thinking is please do not let him puke again, and please do not let this be a stomach bug, and please do not let me puke… because by this time the stink is getting to me and I am completely nauseous.

I got him out of the tub and brought a diaper to the living room because his room smelled so foul I couldn’t stand to be in there another minute.

Once he was all set I called Rick to come get Kyla and he agreed.

I didn’t know what to do with him even though he seemed to be feeling fine so I grabbed a big sheet and decided we’d hang out and play in the living room and I’d give him a cracker or something in a little bit instead of a big egg breakfast just in case he was going to yak again.  I grabbed the sheet so just in case he puked I could put it down and it wouldn’t get on the rug.  I don’t think a 15 month old would know what to do if I handed him a bucket and said, “if you’re gonna spew, spew into this.”

A little while later I decided to tackle the chunks all over his room.  I had to pick up the pieces first because it was so chunky I didn’t want to just throw it all in the washing machine and then have to clean up all of the food that didn’t wash away… I put on my dishwashing gloves and grabbed some paper towels and held my breath and picked up the chunks as best I could, of course dropping little bits here and there… I thought I got it all and lifted the mattress to pull the sheets off and more bits fell onto the mattress, UGH.  I picked all that up, wiped the mattress down, and shoved the sheets and the mattress pad in the washer, on hot, as a few more little pukey pieces fell on the floor.  Then I had to wipe down the sides of the crib, pick the ick out of the rug, check his stuffed monkeys for spewage, put his puke-jamas in the wash too, wipe the toilet lid with bleach cleaner, and make sure he didn’t manage to get it on anything else.

Then I started thinking, how did I not hear him barfing this all up on the baby monitor?  His fussing even just a little bit in the middle of the night wakes me up but he managed to blow the entire contents of his stomach all over his crib and I didn’t hear a thing???  Then I started to think “what if he pukes again and I don’t hear and he chokes on his own vomit” but I had to just put that out of my head!!!  I really don’t know how I didn’t hear him though.

I also have a feeling that even though I meticulously tried to get every last bit of puke-chunk cleaned out of his room, the bathroom, and the laundry room, I am going to find something later and wonder “is this puke-carrot or just a carrot that I missed when I cleaned him up after dinner?”

And I still don’t know why he puked.  Maybe something he ate.  Maybe he just ate too much.  Maybe he had a little stomach bug but it went away after one good chunk blowing and nobody else caught it?  Knock on wood of course because if I wake up puking tomorrow I am going to be really pissed off… especially since I skipped doing any eBay shipping today just in case he got sick again so I have to get it all done tomorrow.

I realized at some point that I never even had any coffee today.  I have coffee EVERY day.  After smelling vomit and thinking I might end up puking too I had no desire to eat or drink anything so I just went the whole day without it.  I did take a nap when he took a nap… and of course I GOT CAUGHT.  I really don’t take naps all that often but when I do it always seems to be on a day when Rick decides to come home for a little while (to take a nap himself) and then it looks like I just nap every day when the baby naps and I really don’t.

Other things I accomplished today besides cleaning up a bedroom full of vomit – I cleaned out the refrigerator.  And I don’t just mean I got rid of all the expired cheese and moldy jam, I took everything out and scrubbed the shelves in the sink and put that sucker back together.  Whoever designs refrigerators needs to actually clean a fridge one day and make some improvements in how they come apart.  There’s gotta be a better way than the one that requires banging around plastic and tempered glass while gritting your teeth!

I need to go to bed.

Long day of packing and shipping tomorrow!


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Do you ever feel like you are constantly in a state of either doing dishes… or not doing dishes that need to be done?  Cleaning the bathroom.. or not cleaning the bathroom that needs to be cleaned.  Sweeping the floor… or not sweeping the floor that needs to be swept.  That’s just how I feel this morning.  Kyla is supposed to take the silverware out of the dishwasher and put it away but we actually make her do it maybe a couple times a month.  She’s 9 and tall enough to reach all of the cabinets, she should be emptying the whole dishwasher.  Maybe I should try to get her to do it… we’ll see how that goes.  I can hear the whining now…  Do your kids do chores?  I didn’t.  I remember when I was probably in high school and my parents tried to start making me do dishes, it sucked.

We haven’t put our tree up yet.  I suck, I know.  I spent the weekend listing tons of stuff on eBay because now that I don’t have a full-time job I have to make Christmas money somehow.  Maybe that’s why I’m not feeling the spirit, I haven’t had to worry about how I’m going to afford gifts in quite a few years so now I’m like, “oh sh*t, I need a job.”  At least I have a ton of stuff to sell, it’s just so time consuming and a lot of work.  Not nearly as fun as blabbing about Adam Levine and Lindsay Lohan on the radio.

Rocco has decided he loves country music.  I have never been much of a country fan, there are a few songs I like but growing up in Boston we didn’t even have a country radio station so I just never got into the music.  Except for Kenny Rogers, who doesn’t love The Gambler.  I actually sang The Gambler to Rocco last night while I was rocking him to sleep.  Sick of You Are My Sunshine.  “On a warm summer’s eve, on a train bound for nowhere…” It worked, he fell asleep on me and he usually doesn’t.  He nurses (yes I am one of those crazy people who still has a baby on my boobie at 15 months) for a while and then I have to put him down because he can’t get comfortable while I’m holding him.  He squirms around like he wants to, but he can’t.

So back to him loving country music.  We put his toys in this IKEA basket and he now likes to flip it over and climb on it as if it is his stage.  Rick randomly decided to play George Strait’s Cheyanne song the other day and Rocco started bopping his head to it, climbed up on the basket, and did his little foot stomp.  It is the cutest thing.  He gets so into it.  I want to get him a little cowboy hat and cowboy boots for Christmas.  We’ve tried to get video of him doing it but he is camera shy.  You know how it goes… Kid does something insanely cute, you grab the camera, kid suddenly has no interest in being cute anymore.  We’ll get one eventually.

I am still fighting a little cold.  Knock on wood we thankfully hardly ever get sick so I shouldn’t complain since scrolling through my news feed all I see are people barfing and taking their kids to the ER…

Speaking of health, I am starting to feel like I might be better off not knowing just how crappy most of the food in this country is.  I have tried really hard to eat more vegetables, less red meat, less GMO, more organic, no more cow’s milk, only almond milk (now I like it so much better), home made sweet potato fries instead of frozen french fries, no fast food (McNuggets taste like chemicals to me now… but I do have a weakness for McFlurries), I make dinner from scratch just about every night and buy anti-biotic free chicken, but then today I read about how all sugar is made from GMO sugar beets and the more sugar you consume the more likely you are to get cancer and I’m like sweet – no pun intended – my sweet tooth is going to kill me.  Why even bother?  Does every little change help or is it an all or nothing kind of thing where even if you eat organic lettuce and good stuff all day if you wash it down with a handful of oreos your stomach is going to explode and you are going to die anyway?

OK I need to get ready to go pick Rocco up from “school”.  I used to think it was foolish for people to call it “school” when their kids are only a year old but he does learn stuff and they do little projects and he got a report card… so it’s school.  The first few weeks were rough, he would cry when GrandMary got him out of the car but now he is fine.  GrandMary is his grandmother who owns the center for those who do not know.  She did not want to be called Grandma so it’s GrandMary.

Hopefully at some point this week I will come up with a pointed blog post but today it is just ramblings.  At least it is something, right?

And for the record, that picture is NOT of my sink.  The only things in my sink right now are my breakfast dishes… but the dishwasher needs to be emptied before I can re-load it… Vicious frigging endless cycle!!!

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